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Iwona Tucholska

Practice Director

Iwona is a qualified advisor, has incredible organisational skills, she ensures that everything is in order. She enjoys working on Xero accounting system and helps clients on a day to day basis. She is able to quickly understand what needs to be done. She is a big advocate of processes in general and everything has to follow a set of steps to completion.

She has helped a number of clients to organise their books and complete management accounts. Her organised personality is helpful not only to Taxqube internally but also to the clients she works with. She manages people and ensures that everyone is happy in their roles.

Iwona is highly personable and empathetic, even when things go wrong, she is able to take a step back, understand the situation and come up with a plan. She is also in charge of company books and manages suppliers.

Apart from her role, she takes interest in arts, healthy living, yoga and cooking. She loves to host dinner for friends and family and always cooks one too many dishes for everyone to enjoy. She is a decent painter, her abstract paintings are modern and admirable, she sells them at auctions.


+ Helped a large security company organise their accounting records and even dealt with missing information.

+ Successfully helped an overseas client to regain his tax status in the UK and as a result continue to carry on trading as an overseas company director.

+ Part of the team who prepared management accounts which were presented to the board of directors of a large company based in London.

+ Managed to remove penalties from a client’s account due to unexpected events. Dealt with HMRC on behalf of the client and achieved positive results.

+ Prepared financial information for a client that was used to get advance clearance for an EIS investment scheme.

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Ahmed Niaz FCCA CAT

Tax Director

Ahmed Niaz FCCA is a fellow member of association of certified chartered accountants. He is also a record holder of completing seven professional accounting exams in one session to complete his professional qualification.

With an entrepreneurial mindset, he is able to connect with other entrepreneurs and see the “end product” they wish to achieve. He gets involved in complicated assignments that include tax projects, HMRC investigations, R&D claims, divorce settlements and company acquisitions etc.

Ahmed has helped clients save tax by using his tax knowledge and expertise. He helps clients to implement growth strategies and works closely with company directors. His clients have successfully grown their businesses to multi-million pound businesses by implementing the systematic strategies prepared by him.

Ahmed does boxing training twice a week at Anthony Joshua’s boxing club. His favorite moment was when he met the 2x world heavy weight champion. Joshua even did a video for Ahmed that he has posted on his Linkedin profile.


+ Successfully provided professional representation to a client to complete company acquisition of a media company based in London for over £25M.

+ Represented a famous British model to conclude multiple HMRC tax investigations and reduced assessment from £400k to only £33k. He helped HMRC decide suitable ways to conclude a complex investigation.

+ Completed R&D claims for a construction company that resulted in tax refunds of over £2M to date. He was able to identify more eligible activities by interviewing the technical staff members.

+ Acted as the Finance director of a super car rental company based in Mayfair, London. By using contract restructuring techniques achieved 1/3 reduction in operating costs and closed high value deals for the company.

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Nathan Shetty (CIMA Dip MA)

Senior Client Manager

Nathan is a qualified advisor who has a unique ability to connect with people and logically evaluate a problem. He loves to dive into the details of a matter and fully understand it. In his own words, if he understands something he is never going to forget how to do it.

Nathan’s communication skills and detailed oriented personality make him an ideal fit for TaxQube. Clients give him a positive feedback and find him helpful when discussing their business matters.

His speciality is property portfolio building and taxes associated with it. He advises clients on how to structure and manage their property investments. In his career, Nathan has worked for Mercedes and a large company with total assets of over 18 billion. Being in a corporate environment has helped Nathan to develop process oriented mindset where each step has to be assessed on “why” it is needed.

Nathan is also skilled in dealing with complicated financial transactions and accurately recording them in the accounting systems. Due to his interest in technology, he is able to advise clients on the best systems to use in business.

Nathan is an ex-MMA fighter and has competed professionally in the Octagon. He enjoys yoga and reading about how technology is changing the way we live. Nathan is persuing membership of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

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John Franks

Partnerships Director

John is an excellent communicator with vast experience in building partnerships. He has managed a company for 25 years, and being a business owner himself puts him into an ideal position of being able to understand problems faced by other businesses.

He has an engaging personality that our clients appreciate and find it easy to connect with. He gives practical advice and actionable feedback when talking to company directors.

John is a well-connected and trusted adviser who excels at business networking. He highly values effective communication to create winwin opportunities for all parties involved. He is always on the lookout to talk to new business owners and connect people with each other from within his network.

If you’re looking to grow your business or fancy a chat with a knowledgeable adviser about your business, we highly recommend talking to John.

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Colin Harris ALIA (dip) CeMap

Business Adviser

Colin is a focused, determined and hard-working individual, well-travelled with experience in the world of finance and property sector. He has excellent communication skills which lends him to thrive in the senior management arena.

He has been in businesses for over 35 years, and has been very successful in raising money for businesses. His knowledge of Research and Development Tax Credits and Small Self-Administered Pension Schemes is of great benefit to Companies who are looking to raise money.

Colin adapts both traditional and non traditional approach to engage with businesses. Over the years Colin has accumulated valuable contacts, he loves to play golf with his business contacts and enjoys connecting with people.

Do you know Colin help businesses by sending them valuable information through his regular newsletter? His subscription is rapidly growing and thousands of people read his emails.

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Sofia Targova

Client Manager

Sofia is a qualified advisor, professional model and skilled communicator. She primarily deals with people from the media and entertainment industry. Being a model herself, she understands the lifestyle of people who work in media. When her clients are completing jobs in different time zones, it is no problem for Sofia.

Sofia has an engaging personality that our clients love. She is able to give practical advice to business owners to organise and manage their financial affairs. She actively takes part in client meetings and ask logical questions during a conversation.

She has a gifted ability to be able to summarise everything that has been said in a few sentences that helps people around her to fully understand the matter. Using her logical approach to everything, Sofia focuses on ensuring clients structure their business and personal affairs tax efficiently and are aware of their reporting obligations.

Sofia loves to travel and has recently visited Amsterdam and Belgium with her friends. Her engaging personality and great sense of humour makes her an ideal companion when sharing a meal.

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