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    We often see companies that are paying too much tax or fail to optimise their tax position as a result of making mistakes themselves or using non-specialist accountants.


    desk gear


    We arrived back in the UK from Florida late yesterday. Many thanks to you and your team for an efficient, friendly and professional service. I will keep in touch”

    Peter from Desk Gear

    Coalition Brewing

    R&D specialists. Good people, excellent service. Would recommend for any small-medium business, especially in F&B.

    William on Google 

    Capital Electrics

    We have worked with TaxQube Accountants on a number of projects and currently a very happy customer of theirs. At all times they are professional, organised and totally unflappable; whatever we ask them to do. They also keep us focused by regularly feeding back to us progress to date and where we are against often very tight timelines. I cannot recommend the team highly enough. Special thanks to Ahmed Niaz for being Fantastic, he is at the heart of all queries at all times. Thanks a Million to TaxQube.

    Rufat on Google


    Sarah Murphy

    Best Xero accountant by far. We have been using Xero for a number of years but sometimes struggled with certain transactions. Our accountant recommended using them on ad-hoc basis. We are extremely thankful for their support and guidance.

    Sarah on Google

    Brian Webber

    Always happy to help, timely communication and knowledgeable- highly recommended.

    Brian on Google

    Emma Newham

    Good communication and an incredibly quick turnaround. They completed our work within days. Well deserved five stars.

    Emma on Google

    Xch4nge Limited

    Good at what they do!

    Saf on Google

    David Cariss

    I’m happy to review Tax qube although I am a fairly new client of their firm. We’d been with two budget accountants previously and were losing hope to find someone who understands our business.
    We were referred to Ahmed by my friend Tim who has been working with him for over five years. In our first meeting, he understood our business extremely well. We were actually impressed by the energy and the points he raised. We did our own research on what he said and a bit annoyed why these points were never advised by our trusted advisers. Well, you get what you pay for.

    Dave on Google

    Supreme Protection

    We were with a different R&D supplier when TaxQube approached us. These guys really work hard to understand your business activities and ask questions until its fully understood. Result of their rigorous process? A solid R&D report for HMRC to verify your claim. The report is quite informative so even if you get questioned by HMRC in the future, you can defend your position. 

    Kash from Supreme protection



    We can’t believe how much R&D was done by our company, we hadn’t spotted these activities as R&D eligible. We do problem solving all day based on client requirements, we even maintain a variation log that is pretty much used in every project.  

    It has been a huge learning curve for us to understand R&D and now we know what to look for. The R&D team was proactive and knowledgeable when they met with our project directors. We would highly recommend for companies who want to claim.

    Ed from a construction company (40M+turnover) based in London

    Why it’s important to use a Specialist?

    Every industry is different and to get the best value, you need to work with someone who knows your industry. We understand and deal with a range of  industries that enable us to quickly understand your requirements and deliver solutions. 

    Free Business Review

    We use cloud based tools to automate processes that cuts a lot of admin. Contact us for a free business review with our advisers. We manage cloud accounting systems on behalf of a number of companies and help them to implement these systems properly. 

    Unfortunately, a lot of companies miss out on tax incentives. We perform high quality business reviews which are capable of pointing out opportunities within businesses. Contact us today for a free review. It’s one hour consultation with our business advisors to help you and your business. 

    Why choose Tax Qube as your advisers?

    Behind every good business is an effective and efficient finance department. As a result of our work and input, our clients have successfully grown their businesses and have a much better control of finances.

    Of course, every business has problems, we can’t guarantee no problems. However, we have the right attitude to help you solve those problems. We are behind some of the well known companies and helped them to grow their business whilst reducing stress.

    The proof is in the pudding

    More than 80% of our clients have signed up with us through referrals. All of our top 30% clients have contacted us through referrals which includes referrals from fellow accountants. We help internal finance teams of several companies using our friendly UK based team.

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