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We are a firm of chartered accountants and tax advisers supporting businesses and individuals with their accounting and tax matters.

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We work with higher rate taxpayers to help them achieve the most tax efficient tax position. We don’t ask you to invest in financial products, however if you are looking to build a property portfolio or sending your kids through private school, we can certainly help you to save significant amount of tax.

Income generated through dividends can also be considered in the overall plan, tax planning can help you to set an optimum level of dividends based on your circumstances. 7 out of 10 times, we are able to reduce your tax bill by using non-aggressive tax planning techniques. We ask you to meet us for a “fact finding meeting” in which we identify possible tax planning strategies for you.

We don’t get involved in risky tax avoidance schemes as they are heavily targeted by HMRC. If you’d participated in a tax avoidance scheme, we can still help you to settle with HMRC and take full control of your tax investigation.

In addition to that, high net worth individuals tend to have multiple sources of income and could engage in complex business transactions, we provide ongoing support to complete complex  transactions and deal with tax matters afterwards.

If you want us to deal with the stakeholders on your behalf such as solicitors, estate agents, buyers/sellers etc. – we can be appointed to process those matters on your behalf.

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