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Hospitality Industry

We are a firm of chartered accountants and tax advisers supporting businesses and individuals with their accounting and tax matters.

Accounting for the Hospitality Industry.

How about working with accountants that have helped grow several food brands into multi site restaurants with central kitchen operations. It takes a lot to make a success in the hospitality business, right locations, great food and not to forget good financial management. We help you by performing admin and accounting tasks so you can focus from a more strategic level.

Being specialists in helping the hospitality industry means that we can quickly identify your requirements and deal with any problems efficiently and effectively. We are able to transform messy books into neatly organised records using cloud accounting software as our tools.

Payroll & VAT

Our processes are designed to take the stress out of managing payroll (PAYE) and suppliers (VAT). We can help you to stay on top of rules such as VAT on food, reduced rate and tips management etc. We have seen returns being poorly prepared which can lead to over payment of tax without realising it.

As record keeping is done at the same time as the preparation of VAT returns, it makes planning and decision making difficult if data is not reliable. We offer cost-effective solutions to companies to ensure good compliance with less stress.

Accounting for Multi-sites.

Maintain robust, month-by-month control over your all-important operational finances. If you have a central kitchen and multi-sites, we have developed solutions to handle this level of complexity with relatively easier processes. Some of our clients have grown to five sites within three years because it is a process of repetition and opening new sites when you can trust systems and controls.

Research and development tax credits

R&D tax credits are used to fund your business where applicable. It is not a loan that needs to be paid back, this is your money to grow the business and hire more staff. We have seen a lot of innovative activities within eligible companies that are often ignored/overlooked. We work on a no-win no fee to deliver extra cash into your business.

Official Representation

We deal with HMRC and companies house on your behalf. We have our clients’ best interest at heart. You can discuss all financial matters with us with confidence and confidentiality.

Cash Flow Management.

Do you struggle to pay tax on time? Do you struggle to manage cash flow despite receiving healthy earnings? We work with our clients to understand their spending habits and make suggestions to stay on top of external liabilities.

Regular Management Reports

This is our most popular service for busy companies. It enables business owners to keep track of income and expenses in almost real time. It is a powerful management technique that delivers a good return on investment by strengthening your decision making skills and enable transparency in the business.

Group Company Structuring

Are you using a tax efficient structure to run your business? How would you deal with claims against your company when something goes wrong? We have seen several companies go bankrupt when claims are made against them, we protect your position from such claims and improve tax efficiency.

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