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taxqube What is it and how does it work?

Simplifying a group structure or dissolving companies that are no longer needed can improve the overall value of a group. It allow funds to be returned tax efficiently and increase returns to shareholders.

When recommend group restructuring when to go over a million pounds in turnover to ensure that you have a tax efficient structure in place to absorb future growth of the company. HMRC clearance is mandatory before group restructuring is implemented otherwise there is a tax charge on the transaction. We obtain tax clearance from HMRC and restructure businesses without any implications to tax.

taxqube Why choose Tax Qube?

We have a 100% success rate in getting approvals from HMRC, our pre-approval checks make sure that you are eligible for tax relief before an application is made.

Group restructuring can help you to diversifying risk and protect valuable assets in your company, it can also be used to separate trading activities at different risk levels and create divisions within your business. Another advantage of group restructuring is the overall increase in value and simplification of management.

taxqube How much is it? 

Please contact us for a free assessment as every case is different and it is not possible to quote a fixed price that applies to all cases. After the assessment, we will let you know of our thoughts and also offer you a fixed fee before any work is completed.

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