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We are a firm of chartered accountants and tax advisers supporting businesses and individuals with their accounting and tax matters.

Accounting for the Tech Industry.

Are you looking for a specialist accounting firm that understands your needs and able to manage finances? In our experience, we have found the tech industry to be one of the most responsive industries. However, it has its own challenges. Our solutions allow you to focus and scale your business. Even if you manage remote teams, we can handle the accounting challenges that come with it.

Being specialists in helping the tech industry means that we can quickly identify your requirements and deal with any problems efficiently and effectively. We are able to transform messy books into neatly organised records using cloud accounting software as our tools.

Payroll CIS VAT

Our payroll process is designed to take the stress out of managing payroll (PAYE) and sub-contractors. We can help you to stay on top of legislation such as IR-35, reverse charge, MTD and compliance with these obligations on behalf of the company. We have seen returns being poorly prepared which can lead to over payment of tax without realising.

As record keeping is done at the same time as the preparation of VAT returns, tax planning is also difficult if data is not reliable. We offer cost-effective solutions to companies to ensure good compliance with less stress.

Accounting for various Projects.

Management of different projects can be a daunting task but it is important not to mix everything and have clarity on each project. We are helping many clients to prepare project reports and apply tools to manage cost and burn rates (if applicable).

Research and development tax credits

R&D tax credits are used to fund your business where applicable. It is not a loan that needs to be paid back, this is your money to grow the business and hire more staff. We have seen a lot of innovative activities within eligible companies that are often ignored/overlooked. We work on a no-win no fee to deliver extra cash into your business. Our claims are above average claims which means that we are to deliver better results.

Finance Director

You can hire an outsourced Finance Director to help you grow and manage the business. By appointing an FD for your business, you can set up regular meetings to ask questions and discuss financial matters. We can attend meetings with you and present financial information to attendees.

Cash Flow Management.

Do you struggle to pay tax on time? Do you struggle to manage cash flow despite receiving healthy earnings? We work with our clients to understand their spending habits and make plans to stay on top of external liabilities. We provide a payment summary report for next year when completing tax returns.

Claim Allowable Expenses

When you sign up with us, we make sure that you are claiming all the expenses that you are allowed to claim by law. In almost all cases, we have found opportunities to improve tax position. Sometimes not being a specialist in tax means that you are paying more tax.

Payroll Reports

If you work through a limited company then it might be worth considering our payroll services to improve tax efficiency. Of course, after IR-35 there are limitations and careful tax planning is needed to improve overall tax savings.

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