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Have you received a letter from HMRC?

You must take this seriously as it is likely that knowingly or unknowingly your tax affairs are not in order.

The facility allows you to make a voluntary disclosure relating to “offshore interests”. HMRC work with other tax authorities globally to end tax evasion and increase financial transparency. HMRC’s tools are sophisticated and allow them to browse through various databases to identify possible tax non-compliance.

It is extremely important that you are fully tax compliant otherwise you could face life changing tax penalties from HMRC. If you are legally savings tax then that is not a problem for HMRC, they even encourage people to take interest in tax and make full use of reliefs you are eligible for.

We have helped clients to make disclosures to HMRC and provide full details to conclude the matter. We are experienced in using the “self checkout” penalty method implemented by HMRC and advise you how much you need to pay as a result. We have successfully concluded matters with HMRC within a period of six months.

taxqube What we can offer?

We negotiate reasonable basis to protect our client’s position. We have dealt with cases where assessments have been reduced because important information wasn’t presented to HMRC.

We can establish if your penalties are incorrect and we work with HMRC on your behalf to establish the correct tax position. If HMRC’s understanding of the matter can be clarified then we politely request to meet with them and supply further explanation.

HMRC appreciate a logical approach to dealing with tax investigations and we received positive feedback from both, our clients and HMRC.

Contact us today if you’d like to discuss your tax investigation and require our professional representation as your tax advisor.

taxqube How much is it?

Our charges depend on the length and complexity of the investigation.

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