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VAT is one of the biggest bills and most businesses have little control over its accuracy…

The rules for VAT are constantly changing and it can be difficult for businesses without a dedicated VAT resource to keep a track of evolving HMRC interpretation, and new legislation.

If errors are made on your VAT returns you could be in for a surprise further down the line. However, there are opportunities open to companies that are able to keep on top of these changes: you may be paying too much VAT or not reclaiming enough, and therefore may be due a hefty repayment.

taxqube Why choose Tax Qube to act as my VAT Agent?

All this takes a lot of time and expertise, but by engaging Tax Qube to act as your authorised VAT Agent you can concentrate your energy on other areas of the business. Tax Qube has extensive experience in VAT, helping hundreds of clients to maximise their opportunities for saving through VAT.

taxqube Can Tax Qube help Overseas businesses?

Tax Qube’s VAT Agent service is especially useful for businesses based outside the United Kingdom. It can be difficult to liaise directly with UK VAT authorities. Tax Qube specialises in working with overseas businesses to ease their entry into the UK market, and acts as the authorised VAT Agent for a huge number of businesses based outside the UK in a wide variety of sectors.

taxqube What can I expect of my VAT Agent?

Take the hassle out of managing your businesses’ VAT responsibilities. Our expert VAT team offers a full VAT Agent service for businesses with operations in the UK and across Europe. As VAT agents we can undertake either some or all of the following responsibilities on your behalf:

  • VAT registrations & de-registrations
  • VAT returns submissions (inclusive of checking all relevant purchase and sales invoices)
  • Option to Tax applications
  • Partial exemption calculations
  • Attendance at HMRC visits
  • VAT penalty negotiation and mitigation
  • General correspondence with HMRC

taxqube How much is it?

Our processes ensure that you only pay the correct amount and claim a reduction where applicable. We offer cost-effective retainers which offer great value for money.

Please get in touch with us and tell us more about your business, we will happily agree a fixed price with you if you don’t prefer an hourly rate.

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