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Tax Qube™

Empower Your Clients.

Claim R&D tax credits or get help in managing accounting workload including VAT returns. We work with partners and company directors to help manage operations and identify opportunities.

Outsourcing with a Capable Accounting Team.

Trust | Confidence | Knowledge

If you are busy and growing, it is worthwhile considering to outsource and delegate tasks to our team. Our model helps you to focus on  delivering core services and drastically reduce time spent on managing operations. Clients find our regular client portfolio reviews helpful to improve relationship with their customers. When you wish to discuss an idea, we are here to listen.

We have worked alongside various leading firms including top 10 accounting firms in the UK. We receive positive feedback from the clients and partners. Clients can involve us in R&D and to work closely with them when they need extra support for growing businesses. If required, we can work onsite and getting involved in the day to day record keeping of the business. Our team members are not only trained in VAT returns, Tax and R&D but they also understand the industry-specific terminology to help improve management reporting packs.

Happy Clients | Increased Revenue | Better Retention

We help clients to prepare a robust R&D claim with the maximum tax benefit from HMRC within a matter of weeks. Where applicable, we deal with HMRC from start to finish, we correspond with them on the company’s behalf and ensure smooth processing of the claim until funds are received.

We ask to simply introduce us to the decision makers and we can carry out a 360 tax review of the business. Successful delegation of jobs has allowed accountants to be truly proactive and streamline workflows.

Our Secret Ingredient | Tax Qube™

Our secret ingredient is to add industry specific non-accounting expertise to the mix. We allocate adequate time resources when preparing R&D claims to ensure quality narratives. Our industry knowledge enables us to identify all of the qualifying cost to increase the claim value.

We highly value partner relationships and regularly communicate with them to gain a better understanding of their financial affairs. The better we know the business, the more effective we become in helping the clients.


Most companies have received an uplift when they switch to us.

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