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5 easy ways to simplify accounting

  • December 2020
  • 8 minutes

taxqube Keep your personal and business finances separate

Mixing business with personal is the greatest mistake you might make, which can prevent you from understanding the true state of your finances.

To pay for personal expenses, stop using your company credit card. In the long run, keeping separate bank accounts for your company and personal finances can save you time and make monitoring expenses easier.

taxqube Maintain records

All receipts, invoices, bills, bank statements, and so on must always be held. If you write down a number today for office expenses and fail to keep your receipts, you won’t remember where that number came from for a few months from now.

Keep your receipts and financial records sorted in a way that either alphabetically or by date, you can easily locate them.

taxqube Create an Accurate Invoicing System

It is important to have a system in place to keep all your accounts coordinated, and the more organized you are the fewer headaches you will have down the road. Choosing the right business accounting software is very critical in today’s technology-driven era, and the first step in developing a successful invoicing process.

taxqube Create a Payroll System

Your company is likely to have staff. If so then payroll is something that seems very straightforward, but in fact, small business content is very complicated. To keep track of the payroll, there are two choices. You can either use and manage payroll software in-house or hire a payroll firm to handle anything from measuring the right withholdings and taxes to making direct contributions to the bank accounts of your employee.

taxqube Triple-Check All Records to Ensure Accuracy

The more often you file and cross-check your documents against each other, the less likely you are to have problems down the road. I recommend keeping your reports as structured as possible and checking all expenses several times per month before filing them, even though you store it in the cloud.

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