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Sofia Targova

Based in London – We are experts in tax, management accounts and innovation grants (no win, no fee).

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“Dear Math, please grow up and solve your own problems”

Sofia is a qualified advisor, professional model and skilled communicator. She primarily deals with people from the media and entertainment industry. Being a model herself, she understands the lifestyle of people who work in media. When her clients are completing jobs in different time zones, it is no problem for Sofia.

Sofia has an engaging personality that our clients love. She is able to give practical advice to business owners to organise and manage their financial affairs. She actively takes part in client meetings and ask logical questions during a conversation.

She has a gifted ability to be able to summarise everything that has been said in a few sentences that helps people around her to fully understand the matter. Using her logical approach to everything, Sofia focuses on ensuring clients structure their business and personal affairs tax efficiently and are aware of their reporting obligations.

Sofia loves to travel and has recently visited Amsterdam and Belgium with her friends. Her engaging personality and great sense of humour makes her an ideal companion when sharing a meal.

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