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Confirmation Statement for YouTube Influencer company

  • August 2023
  • 5 minutes

If you operate your YouTube influencer business via a limited company, it’s essential to submit your confirmation statement for the YouTube influencer company to Companies House annually, irrespective of whether your company has transitioned into a dormant status. This requirement holds true even if the business has become inactive.

taxqube Outstanding corporate filing history maintained with Companies House.

If your confirmation statement becomes overdue, Companies House will modify your company’s status from “active” to “proposal to strike off.” This information is publicly accessible. It’s undesirable for your company’s clients, suppliers, contractors, lenders, and banking partners, who hold an interest in conducting business with your company, to come across the “proposal to strike off” designation on the Companies House website. This occurrence could erode their confidence in the stability of your company.

However, there’s still an opportunity to rescue your company. Take immediate action. Expedite the submission of your confirmation statement. Once Companies House receives your confirmation statement, they will eliminate the “proposal to strike off” status. This will restore your company to a state of good standing.

taxqube Your company’s assets become “ownerless property.”

If you have failed to submit your confirmation statement for your YouTube influencer company, this oversight could result in your company’s removal from the official register. Following the dissolution of your company, its assets will be considered “ownerless property” (Bona Vacantia).

All assets categorized as Bona Vacantia from your dissolved company will be transferred to The Crown due to the absence of a legal proprietor.

To illustrate, the bank accounts associated with your company will be placed under a freeze, leading to the transfer of funds to The Crown. This scenario extends to properties acquired under your company’s name as well.

Subsequently, Companies House will update your company’s status from “proposal to strike off” to “dissolved.”

Fortunately, there is a silver lining – it is possible to reinstate your dissolved company. However, this process demands a commitment of both time and financial resources. Therefore, it’s advisable to proactively prevent reaching this juncture.

If you find yourself in a situation where your company has already been dissolved, our team of accountants can offer assistance in the restoration of your company.

taxqube Email notifications prompt you to file your confirmation statement for your YouTube influencer company.

Companies House provides the option to receive electronic notifications, aiding companies in adhering to legal requirements. Yet, it’s necessary to enrol with Companies House to access email reminders for impending due dates concerning your company’s confirmation statement and accounts. Should your company be under the representation of an accountant, this responsibility is commonly managed by them.

Importantly, Companies House has ceased the practice of dispatching paper reminders to your company’s officially registered location. Communications were dispatched to companies in approximately November 2020, formally notifying them of this alteration.

taxqube When do you need to file your confirmation statement?

Under normal circumstances, there is a 14-day window within which you should present your confirmation statement upon its scheduled deadline. Yet, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this duration has been extended to 6 weeks for submission. Companies House strongly advocates for the online filing of these statements during this period.

taxqube How to submit your confirmation statement for your YouTube influencer company

To submit the confirmation statement for your YouTube influencer company, you have the option to do so either by post or online. If you are well-versed in UK company law, you can complete this process independently, or alternatively, seek assistance from an accountant such as TaxQube Group.

For postal submission, you are required to fill out the CS01 form, which should then be dated and signed by either your company director or company secretary. The latest version of the CS01 form can be downloaded from the Companies House website.

It’s crucial to meticulously review your CS01 form before dispatching it to Companies House to prevent potential rejection due to inaccuracies or incompleteness. For instance, your company name and registration number must align with the details on your company’s certificate of incorporation.

In general, opting for online submission of the CS01 form is typically more straightforward compared to using paper forms. The online process conveniently retrieves your company’s existing information registered with Companies House since its inception or the last confirmation statement submitted. Your task is to ensure the information remains accurate and to make any necessary updates.

taxqube Appoint TaxQube to handle the confirmation statement for your company

If you feel like you can benefit from professional help to handle the confirmation statement submission, you can appoint our firm TaxQube to help you complete this task. We have a special commercial software that we use for our portfolio companies that allows us to efficiently complete this task on behalf of our clients.

taxqube Authentication code

For online submission of your confirmation statement, you will need your company’s authentication code. This code holds the same significance as the signature of your company’s officers, so it’s important to safeguard it. If you find yourself without the authentication code, you can initiate a request to Companies House for its reissuance.

taxqube SIC codes for YouTube influencer Company

When sending a paper Confirmation Statement (CS01) form to Companies House, it’s imperative to utilise the most current SIC codes. It’s essential to avoid using the outdated 4-digit SIC codes, as doing so would lead to the rejection of your Confirmation Statement form.

Kindly opt for the SIC code that best corresponds to the primary business activity of your bridge construction company. It’s possible to indicate multiple SIC codes within your confirmation statement form.

taxqube Up-to-date company information

It’s vital to amend any outdated company details registered with Companies House.

Registered Office Address

For instance, if you’ve transferred your registered office address from your personal residence to a service provider’s address, you must complete and submit form AD01 to Companies House. This form can be filed either online or in paper format.

SAIL Address

Furthermore, if you’ve altered your address to a service provider but retain your company’s records at your residential address, you’ll likely need to file form AD02. This form is used to register your home address as your SAIL (Single Alternative Inspection Location) address. Generally, form AD02 isn’t necessary if you’re keeping your company records at your registered office address.

Company Directors

Similarly, if there are modifications among your company directors, the appropriate Companies House forms are as follows:

  • AP01 Form for appointing a new director.
  • AP02 Form for appointing a corporate director.
  • CH01 Form for updating a director’s personal particulars.
  • CH02 Form for revising details of a corporate director.
  • TM01 Form for director removal.

Company Secretary

Likewise, appointing a secretary is optional for a private limited company, while it’s mandatory for a Public Limited Company (PLC). Correspondingly, the correct forms are:

AP03 for appointing a company secretary.

  • AP04 for appointing a corporate secretary.
  • CH03 for updating a secretary’s personal information.
  • CH04 for updating a corporate secretary’s details.
  • TM02 for secretary removal.
  • Company Share Information

Simultaneously, any alterations to your company’s shared information must also be updated and encompassing.

  • Statement of Capital.
  • Shares Trading Status.
  • Shareholder Information.

taxqube The person with Significant Control (PSC)

It is imperative to accurately complete and maintain the “Person with Significant Control” section within your confirmation statement for your YouTube influencer company. This section essentially requires you to reveal the ultimate controlling entity of your company.

If you happen to be the Person with Significant Control (PSC), you should input your personal particulars as the designated PSC for your company in the CS01 form. Ensuring the up-to-date nature of your PSC information is crucial; if you’ve relocated your residence, it’s necessary to provide your new home address to Companies House. To accomplish this, you will need to fill out the PSC04 form and duly submit it to Companies House.

The relevant PSC forms are listed as follows:

  • PSC01: Notification of an individual person with significant control
  • PSC02: Notification of a relevant legal entity (RLE)
  • PSC03: Notification of other registrable people (ORP)
  • PSC04: Change of details of an individual person with significant control
  • PSC05: Change of details of a relevant legal entity (RLE)
  • PSC06: Change of details of another registrable person (ORP)
  • PSC07: Notification of ceasing to be a PSC, RLE, or ORP
  • PSC08: Notification of PSC statements
  • PSC09: Update to PSC statements

If your company information remained the same since incorporation or from your last confirmation statement date, in this case, you just need to confirm that your records are up to date and that the information held by Companies House is correct.

taxqube Influencer The fee for filing your confirmation statement for the YouTube company.

Ensure you include a cheque for the prescribed filing fee alongside your printed confirmation statement (CS01) form when sending it to Companies House. It’s important to be aware that Companies House will decline your confirmation statement form if the accompanying cheque for the statutory fee is not provided. The fee amount is £40.

In the event of online filing of your confirmation statement, you have the option to make the statutory fee payment online after submitting your form. The online filing fee for this is £13.

taxqube Company accounts

Another crucial document that must be submitted to Companies House is your company accounts. Even a delay of just one day in delivering your company accounts can result in a late filing penalty.

We provide comprehensive fixed-fee accounting packages tailored for limited companies.

Should you need assistance with your company accounts and confirmation statement submissions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of accountants. They are more than willing to provide their expertise and support.

taxqube Do not want to keep your company

If you no longer wish to maintain your company, you have the option to request its dissolution through Companies House. The dissolution procedure generally takes around two months to finalize, starting from the date Companies House approves your application. Our team of accountants can assist you in preparing and submitting this application.

Upon the successful dissolution of your company, there will be no further need to submit any documents to Companies House. This includes discontinuing the filing of company accounts or confirmation statements.

We help limited companies ensure compliance with companies house and HMRC. If you need help in submitting your annual reports, please do feel free to get in touch with us by completing the contact us form.

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