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Green Jobs To Recover The Economy

A new research suggests that UK can create as much as 700,000 new jobs by tapping into the “green jobs” initiative. Of course, it requires the correct support from the central government and local authorities.

Boris Johnson has announced a 10 point green plan to generate 250,000 jobs which is called a “green industrial revolution”. The Prime Minister said the 10-point plan would create up to 250,000 jobs in a move aimed at retaking the initiative after a politically volatile few weeks, with most of the attention aimed at the north of England, the Midlands, Scotland and Wales.

Boris Johnson unveiled proposals for the self-styled green industrial revolution of the government, bringing support from environmental groups, but also concerns about the size of new funding and the proposed nuclear and hydrogen power expansion.

The strategy for 10 points comprises:

  • A ban on sales of combustion engines by 2030, with grants for hybrid vehicles and funding for points of charge. Any electric cars and vans will continue to be sold by 2035.
  • A previously announced commitment to quadruple offshore wind power to 40GW by 2030, enough to power every home in the UK.
  • Moves to improve the production of hydrogen, with by the end of the decade the prospect of a town heated entirely by hydrogen.
  • Investment in modern nuclear power of £ 525 million, focused on the next generation of small and advanced reactors.”
  • Next year, £ 1bn for grants to insulate homes and public buildings, using the current grant for green homes and the decarbonisation scheme for the public sector.
  • An additional £ 200m was invested in projects to reduce emissions.
  • Endorsement of greener resources in the aviation and maritime industries, with a pledge of £ 20 m to the latter.
  • Every year, 30,000 hectares of trees are planted as part of efforts to protect nature.
  • Moves to encourage public transit, cycling and walking, even though no new schemes have been revealed.
  • A promise to make London “the global green finance centre.”

Nicola Shaw, the UK executive director of National Grid, said:“The prime minister has set out great ambition for the net zero transition including commitments on offshore wind, hydrogen and carbon capture and storage. We also welcome the earlier ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles and the support for the rollout of electric vehicles which will help improve the country’s air quality.

“Now, industry and government must work together to turn this ambition into reality, with transformational investments to deliver real change, which will create jobs in every part of the country.”

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